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  • Mini Ganzfeld Stimulator

  • 2-channel Bio Amplifier

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It is a 2-channel set-top box for the professional measuring of physiological responses after flash stimulation - for tests of the optic nerve and macula- delivered with the respective ISCEV standard software.
Easy handling, fast and secure detection as well as clearly arranged print-outs are guaranteed. Via USB it can very easily be connected to any existing windows computer. Its small size and low weight makes it ideal for mobile purposes.

RETI-com with MGF Examinations:
Flash VEP | ISCEV standard ERG | ON-OFF ERG

Operating unit:

  • Mobile, highly integrated RETI-com USB Box (width 34,5 cm/13,59” x height 6,5 cm/2,56” x depth 31 cm/12,21”),
  • 115 – 230 V:
    - Isolated  4 kV USB interface 1.1 and 2.
    - Integrated Stimulator system
    - Integrated 2-channel Amplifier
  • ERG with Mini-Ganzfeld:
    - Automatic examination flow
     - 5 basic ERG’s:
    1.Rod ERG: ERG to a dimmed flash in the dark-adapted eye (-25 dB, Scotopic Rod Response)
    2. Standard combined ERG: ERG to a strong flash in the dark-adapted eye (0 dB, combined response: rods and cones)
    3.Oscillatory Potentials (0 dB)
    4.Single-flash cone ERG: ERG to a standard flash in the light-adapted eye (0 dB, Cone Response)
    5. 30Hz Flicker ERG: ERG’s to a rapidly repeated stimulus (0 dB, 30 Hz flicker)
  • Flash VEP with Mini-Ganzfeld:
    - Based on different frequencies
    - Standard adjustment 7,5 Hz and 15 Hz


  • ISCEV standard examinations
  • Bio Signal immediately visible on the Screen after connection of the Electrodes
  • Impedance measuring and picture for Electrode placement integrated
  • Automatic artifact rejection
  • Automatic setting of all markers
  • Marker movement possible through mouse click
  • Integrated Database
  • For Windows 2000/XP

  • Mini-Ganzfeld: apparat containing white LEDs
  • Intensity: from -25dB to +5dB in steps of 5dB
  • Standard flash: 3 cds/m² = 0dB
  • Background light: 25 cd/m²
  • All parameters are set automatically by the examination programmes.
  • scotopic, photopic and 30Hz flicker ERG

  • Type  BF, IEC 60601-1 
  • Digitally controlled 2-channel Amplifier
  • Impedance > 2 x 100 MOhm
  • Noise    < 4 µV(SS)
  • Common mode reaction > 110 dB
  • Sensitivity: 10 µV/Div to 20 mV/Div at full output
  • High pass: from 0,02 Hz to 1 kHz
  • Low pass: from 30 Hz to 10 kHz

Please note:  New version coming soon!


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